Tomato products: Mold in 70% of samples tested

These are unsavory results that German-speaking television SRF just made public. Laboratories from five cantons as well as from Liechtenstein have analyzed various tomato-based products, such as ketchup, canned pelatis or industrial sauces. Results: 38 of the 54 samples taken into account showed traces of mold. In 70% of cases, the products even contained tenuazonic acid (TEA), considered toxic.

The researchers note that the fungi detected each time came from the tomatoes used for the preparation of the products. Christoph Spinner, a cantonal chemist from Thurgau, explains that TEA is resistant to high temperatures. It cannot therefore be destroyed during cooking. Little is known about the effects of tenuazonic acid on the body, however. They may be able to promote the development of tumors. However, as there is currently no reliable scientific data, the authorities have not yet been able to set a limit rate for TEA.

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