Tommy Robinson prides himself on scoring the drug and proclaims himself "the king of the entire Islamic race" in the video just released


Tommy Robinson boasted he had collected drugs and proclaimed himself "the king of the entire Islamic race" in a film just released.

The far-right activist, who has several criminal convictions and in 2014 admitted to owning 3.48 grams of cocaine with the intent to provide, said: "No matter where I went in the world, I scored … I went af * * Qatar, in Doha, and scored the gears on the sesh while they all prayed Everywhere friend, every city I went to. "

A video obtained from The sun shows Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, while walking down the street in the Italian city of Bologna last month.

A taxi driver is described as a "small driver who drives a car".

In another clip, he sings: "I will punch you in the head, I will kick you in the face, because I am the king of the whole Islamic race".

Robinson declared himself a Zionist and said that "if there was a war tomorrow, which will be there, because I will probably start at the end of this war", he would fight for Israel, adding: "F *** Palestina".

"I had to call Benjamin Netanf *** blah … I do not remember his name, and I got my Zionist card and I said I'm a Zionist and I bought it all," he added. "Shalom motherf *** er."

Robinson visited the country and a pro-Israeli think tank helped finance his legal expenses last year.

Posting on his Facebook account after the release of the video, Robinson said the video came from a group message with friends from different ethnic groups, who "continually exchanged each other".

The 36-year-old father has been charged The sun to cut clips of different occasions together.

"I was absolutely tired, I do not even remember," he added. "It's cringing".

In a separate live video, which seemed to have been sent from a vacation at Center Parcs with his wife and children, Robinson said he was "chatting s ***".

"Does anyone think that Tommy Robinson went to an Islamic country and took drugs and took them?" He added.

Nigel Farage says that the appointment of Tommy Robinson's Ukip is "dragging us in a shameful direction"

The film emerged days before a Panorama documentary on Robinson, who threatened to "expose" the BBC journalists and called a protest in Manchester.

The founder of the English Defense League (EDL) gained global support after being jailed for contempt of court in May of last year.

It was released in August after the Court of Appeals canceled the results due to procedural shortcomings, and the attorney general is currently deciding whether the case will proceed.

Robinson, who is official advisor to Ukip on grooming bands, is trying to create a new website and has asked for donors for his work, and for trying to sue the media.

He had to go on tour in Australia alongside Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes and Milo Yiannopoulos this month, but the event was postponed because no trio were granted to the trio.

Supporters had paid up to A $ 995 (£ 563) to participate in the tour, which was originally scheduled for December.

Robinson was not able to speak with the Republican senators in Washington after the United States did not grant a visa in time last year.

Robinson's extensive criminal case reports include convictions for violence, drug possession, public order crimes, mortgage fraud and entry into the United States under a false passport.

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