Entertainment tonight's show will further annoy viewers!

tonight’s show will further annoy viewers!

Definitely, this special edition Koh Lanta: The island of heroes will have had its share of twists and turns! After several eliminations deemed unfair by viewers, we learn that this evening’s episode will be just as surprising!

For several weeks, Internet users have been letting go on social networks!

Indeed, after all darling viewer candidates have been eliminated one by one by candidates deemed manipulative, the fans are in turmoil.

Source: TF1

This year’s candidates are at the heart of many social media buzzs and scandals!

Besides, some internet users have even gone very far in their comments by threatening the death of certain adventurers …

This was the case of Régis and Inès, who were targeted by the web after the eliminations of Jessica and Téhéeront.

And tonight, the new episode of Koh-Lanta also risks causing dissatisfaction for most viewers ! Find out why!

Koh Lanta: expect bad news in tonight’s episode

While all the fans of the famous survival show are ready to find Denis Brognart and the gang of adventurers tonight, a catastrophic news has just fallen !

Indeed, the coronavirus epidemic has particularly affected the filming and editing of television programs! Many programs have been affected by the crisis, and some have even run out of programs.

Source: Philippe LEROUX / ALP / TF1

For certain programs, such as for example The 12 noon shots, the production decided to rerun old episodes of the program. For others, like Top chef, the chain decided to shorten the episodes to make the program last longer.

And today, it’s Koh Lanta’s turn to suffer the same fate! Indeed, there may be disappointed in front of their TV tonight when fans will realize that the episode will be broadcast in 2 parts.

Koh Lanta: there will be no elimination this Friday, May 15!

The magazine Teleloisir just confirmed the bad news, there will therefore be no candidate eliminated this evening :

“Viewers will discover only the comfort test and will have to be patient to find out which candidate will be directly eliminated following the immunity test and which will be the second outgoing designated by the other adventurers “

Source: ALP / Philippe Le Roux

Definitely, fans of Koh Lanta are never at the end of their surprise with this special edition!

One thing is certain, tonight there is going to be a lot of disappointment and we feel that there will be new tensions on social networks !

Koh Lanta: we finally know the date of the final!

One more disappointment for all fans of the survival show! Indeed, the traditional finale, which takes place on a plateau in France, far from the island where the adventurers lived their adventure cannot be filmed under current conditions.

TF1 tries by all means to reveal the face of the winner of this season as late as possible, to bring all the candidates together on the set and live. To do this, they had to wait for the containment to be lifted. And now they have to get waivers to bring each candidate to Paris!

Source: Dailymotion capture

To do this, the chain has decided to cut the remaining episodes in half from May 15 ! And this rule also applies to the final. Viewers will therefore be able to attend the orientation test on May 29, where three candidates will qualify. But it is only on June 5 that they will be able to watch the legendary pole test. And so, discover the identity of the big winner of this special edition!

The famous pole test will be broadcast at 9 p.m., then from 10:25 p.m., Denis Brogniart will host a special live broadcast, where he will count the final vote of the final jury.

A real heartbreaker for all fans of the show! They will have to wait several more weeks to discover the hero of this season ! This is the first time in the history of Koh Lanta’s game that the final will be divided into two parts. Still a little patience !


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