Toño Centella laments the death of his mother by COVID-19: “Yesterday he sent me a video and I was fine”

The singer Toño Centella is in mourning, after his mother lost her life this Wednesday, August 12. The mother of the cumbia interpreter had caught the new coronavirus.

Centella said that only on Monday her mother was in good health, but her condition deteriorated in a few hours, so she was taken to a local clinic as an emergency, although she could not be seen in time.

“My mom was fine on Monday. Today it got complicated and we took her to the clinic. Me Mom passed away at the hospital door, yesterday she sent me a video and she was fine ”, said Toño Centella very meaningful, in an interview with “América Hoy”.

Mamita Teresita, why did you leave me, mother. Without you my life is worth nothing. I love you“, he wrote in a Facebook post. Previously, Centella was alerted to the state of his mother’s health, so he posted on his account:”My God, not my mother, please, I ask you“.

In response, Ethel Pozo and Renzo Schuller sent their condolences and strength to Toño Centella for the difficult time.

The last Tuesday the singer had revealed that he had not seen his mother for a month, but that he was always aware of her, because she was a vulnerable person.

‘‘I don’t feel like doing anything, because it was confirmed that my mommy has the virus and it worries me because at 80 she is a person at higher risk”Said the artist.


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