Technology Too much confusion: Mozilla removes password protection from Firefox

Too much confusion: Mozilla removes password protection from Firefox

Just last week, Mozilla added a new security feature to the Firefox browser. This better protects saved passwords. Since the function is said to have caused confusion for some users, the protection has now been removed.

Although it has been possible to set a master password for the saved passwords for years, this function is still only used by a few users. Until now, the passwords could easily be viewed by calling the internal page “about: logins”. With the update to Firefox 76, Mozilla has implemented a function that obliges users without a master password to identify themselves using the system password or a biometric authentication method.

As can be seen from an entry on the official Bugzilla website (via Sören Hentzschel), this feature has now been deactivated via remote access. This removed the function from Firefox 76 and Firefox 77. A high error rate should be responsible for this. Due to technical problems and confusion among users, 20 percent of users should no longer have access to their passwords.
In the past week, Mozilla had password-protected its browser.

Protection should be revised

However, the withdrawal of the feature does not mean that protection will not return in an improved form later. Mozilla is currently supposed to revise the function and eliminate the susceptibility to errors. The developers plan several changes to improve the usability of the feature. Among other things, the description of the required access data is to be improved. In addition, authentication should be automatically deactivated for all users who have not set a password to use their system.

It is likely that the improved password protection will be found in Firefox version 78. The update is expected to be released on June 30, 2020. Since it is already quite insecure to store your passwords unencrypted in the web browser, it is advisable to set a master password or to use a password manager.

Download Firefox: Free open source browser
Download Waterfox: Firefox for 64-bit systems
Download 1Password: Comprehensive password manager

Security, vulnerabilities, closed, abuse, chain

Security, vulnerabilities, closed, abuse, chain
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