Top 14 – Lyon: Berdeu hit in the knee, Géraci in the ankle.. Hecatomb of injuries after the victory over Perpignan

After the victory against Perpigan (39-31), the Lyon staff had to deal with numerous injuries. Léo Berdeu, hit in the right knee and Kelian Géraci, hit in the left ankle probably ended the season.

Hard blow for the LOU. Despite the victory against Usap on Saturday, the Lyon squad had to quickly compose without two of its executives at the start of the game. Around the 15th minute of play, Killian Géraci, victim of a severe ankle sprain, was evacuated and gave way to Félix Lambey. Directly examined by the medical staff, the ankle of the second line does not present a fracture according to information from Progress. However, he should be out of the field for a good month.

About ten minutes later, it was Léo Berdeu’s turn to leave the pitch. Shaken by a strong tackle from a Catalan player, the opening half was hit in the right knee. From the bench, everything seemed to be going pretty well for Berdeu, ice pack on his knee, who encouraged his people in a completely crazy match. But the knee finally gave out when he jumped up from his seat to celebrate Baptiste Couilloud’s late try. The Lyon player finally had to be evacuated on a stretcher and must now undergo a control MRI.

Suspicion of a cruciate ligament rupture

In view of the state of Berdeu, the Lyon staff fears a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligaments announces Progress in its columns. If the doubts are confirmed, Léo Berdeu would not see the grounds again before 2024 and could thus say goodbye to his World Cup hopes.

Note that Lyon center Kyle Godwin, replaced at half-time by Thibaut Regard, suffered from a torn calf. His name is therefore added to the list of absentees for the trip to the Stade Français on Sunday May 14.

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