Top 22 of the great advantages of volunteering at the 2024 Olympics, a very good plan

That’s it eeeeeeest, the site to apply as a volunteer at the Paris 2024 Olympics is open. And frankly, we can only tell you to go for it because after seeing the stages you go through when you want tickets for the Olympics, there is no doubt that it is going to be a great moment. anthology (and you don’t want to miss this). If you’re not convinced yet, that’s okay because we’ve listed plenty of other arguments for you to prove to you that becoming a volunteer is really the best thing you can do in your life ( far ahead of marrying your crush or learning to cook a paella).

You will be able to empty Kevin Mayer’s bedroom trash can

A great way to create a close bond with the athletes you have always admired. Besides, Simone Biles needs a little coffee, if you’ll go get some cups.

Giving the wrong direction to your ex who came to see rugby sevens

He wanted to subdue France/South Africa, he’s going to see the Franconville station, this big fdp.


Have your Navigo tickets refunded

Frankly, at the price it costs, you might as well not deprive yourself and scrape a few euros from Valérie Pécresse. Even if it means not being paid, you might as well take advantage of the system.

Mater gratos of Olympic sports

Like the ping-pong duet that you will see 100 meters from the door that you have to watch. A unique and enriching experience.

Make you friends as precarious as you

Unity is strength, so you may not be the richest on Earth with this unpaid job despite all your hours of work, but at least you can laugh together about your overdrafts, and that’s beautiful .

Get you a Phrygian stuffed animal

If you’re lucky and make friends with members of the organizing committee, you MAY be given the famous comforter coveted by at least a tenth of the French. The chooooonce.


To be able to visit France and its historical monuments

The essentials to see absolutely during this trip: the nautical stadium of Vaires-sur-Marne, the Paris Défense Arena, the Geoffroy Guichar stadium in Saint-Étienne and the national shooting center of Châteauroux.

You will be able to watch in abundance

The Olympics are clearly going to be the festival of little rounded asses and big, bulging pecs. Another advantage if you put yourself on Tinder at this time: you can go to the Olympic village to shoot your shot with sportsmen and women. Enough to advance in your hunting table of already sinful nationalities.

You can sabotage the Olympics from the inside to piss off Macron

“Ah, shouldn’t you put out the Olympic flame? I thought it was for my birthday, oops. »


You’ll feel like you’re working out without moving your ass

Perfect for sweating just watching marathon runners faint in the French summer heatwave.

You can tell your grandchildren “Yeah, I made the Olympics”

Free tutorial to earn their eternal respect and be sure to have Christmas gifts until you die. Should have thought about it.

It won’t change your job where you’re so poorly paid that you feel like you’re a volunteer too

The camp leaders, it is in particular to you that we speak.

You’ll have a good excuse to refuse the crappy plans that your friends will offer you that summer.

Like every summer in fact.


You will be able to say to everyone the sentence “Nah I can’t, I have OJ”

And no one can tell you anything.

You can take selfies with famous athletes and tell everyone you’re friends

“Teddy Riner? But yes, I know him very well, I ate kig ha farz at his house last week! Super nice guy, and very simple on top of that…”

You can eat croissants every day until you can’t eat any more

And believe me, with inflation, free meals you can’t spit on, even if they’re all butter and given out once a day.


You can show off with your new first aid skills

Perfect if you also want to show your new security skills to your little brother who always eats the last yoghurt for example.

It will give you lots of anecdotes on the backstage of the Olympics to tell in the evening

And everyone will want to catch you because you captivated your entire audience with your exciting life.

To be able to wear a joggo every day without anyone telling you anything

“Sorry Tata, but I fencing after your wedding. The Olympics are once in a lifetime, and you wouldn’t want to stop me from having the full experience, would you? »

To restore the image of field hockey

Thanks to you, a lot of people are going to want to join and it will give you more room at the gym at the start of the school year.


To make friends from all over the world

Super practical to have barracks where to squat for free on vacation.

Have one more line to add to your CV

“Ah no, but me, you know, civic engagement is very important to me. Moreover, I think that such experience should allow me to be paid up to 60K per year, what do you say? »

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