Business TOP-3 "Volga", which GAZ must return to mass production

TOP-3 “Volga”, which GAZ must return to mass production

You can’t do without cost reduction, but even so simplified Volzhanka will leave not only LADA Granta, but also Toyota LC 200 out of work.

The Gorky Automobile Plant has long abandoned the idea of ​​returning to the Russian market a family of cars under the common name Volga, although it is obvious that without viable competition from domestic brands, the conventional AvtoVAZ or UAZ will stop completely. In fact, you can bring about a dozen different variations of the Volga, which would be useful to our market, but the three main ones are not so difficult to choose.

The third place in the list will be taken by the GAZ-310221 Concret, which is a Volga in a station wagon, which was put on a “cart” with UAZ-3153. The off-road “car” was equipped with both Russian and foreign engines, from ZMZ to Toyota, and among the additional options of the model, a plastic body kit with a “kenguryatnik” stood out, which seemed even more impressive than any of the LADA 4×4 modifications in 2020. But after the moment “Concreta” entered the small-scale production 23 years have passed.

Next comes the “strech performance” GAZ-311055. This car received an elongated 300 mm body and wheelbase, which provided a high level of comfort for the rear passengers. In 2020, a “limousine” limousine could “remove” not only LADA Granta, but also business-class sedans from our market, since the Volga was famous for its amenities and equipment, which was a cut above competitors decades ago. The leather interior and the partition between the rows add to the car a feeling of “luxury”.

Finally, closes the TOP-3 “Volga”, which GAZ must return to mass production, a car under the name “Commander”. From afar, this colossus can be mistaken for a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 with lowered suspension, but in reality it is a GAZ-310221 with a UAZ-3153 base, which gave the car impressive dimensions and steep cross-country ability, like for an off-road wagon.

Obviously, in 2020, such models could only succeed if GAZ brought them to mind. You can not do without simplifying the design and reducing fuel consumption, and in off-road modifications you can safely “cut” the body length so that the price of the Volga is at the level of LADA Vesta and other modern state employees.



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