TOP-5 development projects failed – from the "vyrviglaznaya" Granta to the "pimple" Mazda


Here's what they can turn into machines in the clumsy hands of tuners.

The fifth place in the TOP-5 of the last week's failed development projects is occupied by the LADA Granta dorada in a bright green "sports" body kit. The "vyrviglazny" acid color of "Grants" became the occasion for network commentators. They did not appreciate the attempts to transform the utilitarian car into a sports car, since the large spoiler, as well as the powerful bumpers along with the side skirts, were not made at all in the body color: "The hard Krasnodar Need For Speed ​​Underground ".

The next one is another representative of the Racing For Speed ​​series, only this time the production car has been substantially modified. Mazda RX-7 has acquired an elongated body twice and there are no rear doors for the "limousine", which is why motorists joke that passengers will have to climb inside the boot or fold the front seats and crawl in depth Salon: "They will sit, as in a three-door Niva."

In third place is a severe "SUV", in which the masters tried to transform the glorious "Moskvich". The old "Izh" was put on the chassis by the UAZ "Hunter" and a small suspension "liftanuli", providing his project with off-road wheels. Some commentators have even appreciated such refinement: "In Russia, this is not a collective farm, but a serious necessity", "It turned out to be an excellent jeep, but it certainly won't be recorded."

The "silver" rating of the most "collective farm" tuning projects of the week goes to the VAZ-2107. Another "Zhigul" sport might look pretty good with its high quality plastic body kit and decent racing paint, but everything is spoiled by huge additional bulbs located in a pile right on the grill and on the front bumper of the "Seven": "They transformed the classics of combat into a collective farm".

Finally, another Japanese "wagon" occupies the first place in the TOP 5 of the most "vyrviglaznyh" tuning projects of the week. This Mazda MX-5 was painted in the bright color of the "dung fly", a bulky plastic body kit and on it were hung "ugly" front bumpers, and two bifurcated exhausts assigned to the rear bumper, in addition to a huge monitor air intake monitor, complete the picture of the maximum "collective farm" hood: "Why do you need a TV on the hood?", "It looks like an ugly pimple on his forehead!".



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