TOP-5 of the most thrash tuning projects – from the "acid" VAZ-2115 to the "Lamb" of scrap metal


"Sport" LADA Largus, "five", Lamborghini – the week was fruitful for a true "vyviglaz".

The fifth place in the anti-rating goes to the "acid" VAZ-2115. The owner of the "tag" has decided to seriously "update" the car before selling it, which is why under the hood you can find a 1.6-liter turbo engine, and externally the "basin" seems a not so good parody of the cars racing. Not the best combination of black and green body coloring, "collective farm" stickers on the sides, cheap plastic body kit – for this "miracle" the driver wants to make $ 13,000: "He sells it together with the apartment ! "

Next is the rotten VAZ-2105. The old "five" rusted through the trunk, which pushed the "pelvis" to sudden improvements. The driver decided not to worry about replacing the body: he simply cut out a box of adequate size from the fiber board and carefully inserted it into the boot of his sedan. On the net, such a "refinement" was not appreciated unequivocally: "The trunk on a 3D printer is strong".

The next domestic "sports car" is in third place, but this time the "masters" of the set-up "ended up in a mess" not an old compact "dock", but an entire station wagon. LADA Largus with a large sports spoiler-bench driving around Mordovia, surprising passers-by and other drivers: "It is also at power take-offs!", "This is for not flying off the race track at a speed of 60 km / h ".

The "fashionable collective farm" from the VAZ-2101 receives "silver" in this evaluation. It is already visible here that the masters tried to make it "good", but in the end it turned out to be "good, but too much". The network appreciated the "penny" in an elegant body kit and a luminous body: "It's so ugly that it's even good", "But I like it. The collective farm is a fly-swatter and a bench in the trunk, but here you can feel the style. "

The first place in the TOP 5 of the most thrashing tuning projects of the week is occupied by the cheaper "Lamb". It is possible that this Lamborghini was simply made jokingly by the employees of the scrap metal collection point – there is no other way to explain why someone might need such a machine: huge gaps, the absence of optics for the head, broken glass – everything said that "Lamb" ready to fall apart from the slightest breath of the wind.



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