Top 64 Vietnam International Challenge 2023 Results: 5 Indonesian Representatives Pass, 9 Pick Up Luggage, Here’s the List

SUARAMERDEKA.COM – Following are the results of the qualifying rounds and the top 64 of the Vietnam International Challenge 2023.

Nine Indonesian representatives must carry their luggage in the top 64 of the Vietnam International Challenge 2023.

The nine Indonesians who fell in round 64 of the Vietnam International Challenge 2023 include:

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1. Aisyah Sativa Fatetani

Aisyah Sativa Fatetani has to leave the Vietnam International Challenge 2023 qualification.

Aisyah was returned by the representative of Malaysia namely Wong Ling Ching with a score of 15-21 and 10-21.

2. Gabriela Moningka

Gabriela Moningka must admit the greatness of Lin Sih Yun, representative from China Taipei.

Lin Sih Yun managed to get rid of Gabriela with a score of 21-15 18-21 and 2-19.

3. Panjer Dadiara and Bryan Sidney Elohim

The Indonesian representative was sent home by the pair Bo Yuan Chen and Lin Shang Kai with a score of 13-21 and 15-21

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4. Iqbal Diaz Syahputra

Iqbal was sent home after being defeated in two sets by Hooi Shao Herng.

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