Top Chef: Philippe Etchebest receives a message from Maïté


VIDEO – Tuesday night on M6, the chef met the niece of the former guest of The musketeer's kitchen. He wanted to tell him some words.

Every night, a Top Chef Objective on the M6, Philippe Etchebest continues his tour in France in search of the apprentice who will have the opportunity to participate in the season 10 of Top chef and directly integrate his brigade. Tuesday, what was his surprise for the niece of an old acquaintance.

"You'll talk to me a little bit about yourself How did you come to cook?" The chef asked Camille. "It's my grandmother who gave me a love for work because she had a restaurant in Rion-des-Landes," said the 17-year-old. A detail that immediately aroused Philippe Etchebest. "Oh, popop, I see you coming in. I see the thing is coming in. Rion-des-Landes … Was not there a certain Maïté in Rion-des-Landes?", Then he remembered the chief.

Given the acquiescence of the young apprentice and his sous-chef, Philippe Etchebest does not return. "But no, Maïté is your grandmother … it's crazy! Your grandma is an extraordinary person, she's an extremely kind and generous woman … Oh yes, it makes me happy! Damn!", She added before remembering: "The first show what I did as a chef was with your grandmother ". In fact, more than twenty years ago, the cook had participated in the famous show The musketeer's kitchen broadcast on France 3. At the time, he was a chef at Château Grand Barrail in Saint-Émilion and wore glasses.

Early warning at the arrival of Philippe Etchebest, the former 80-year-old leader wanted to give him a message. "Hi Philippe, it's Maïté, I hope you remember me because I, yes, I just wanted to say hello and good luck for the future, see you soon, adishatz (hello to Gascon, ed.)" Particularly moved by the words of Maïté chef has not forgotten the purpose of his visit. "Although I will have to take the rolls like eels from my grandmother, I will no longer be lenient," he continued before tasting the hot duck liver with the grapes prepared by Camille.

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