Top Chef, season 12, episode 4 /

After Arnaud’s strange turd the previous week, and Mathieu’s elimination during the last chance test, the Top Chef candidates will decide between themselves during a pastry test, and another where they will have to make a soufflé. Be careful, it will blow your mind.

22h53: After the coconut, the tart ring, here is the corn on the cob as a mold.

22h51: But that’s not enough, Chloe goes by the wayside.

22h50: But Gagnaire seems to love it!

22h49: And yes, it falls … What a mistake.

22h46 : That’s it, Chloe’s soufflé in a tart ring (yes, yes) is back. Will it fall?

22h38: It took over an hour and a half for us to start talking about tise.

22h37: Bingo, let’s go on a whiskey sour soufflé.

22h36: And Baptiste takes Peter’s place. Chloe will try to dethrone him. Come on, we’re going to have a blast!

22h33: Pierre has the seum that the soufflé of Baptiste has raised! “It turns out he’s going to get some good luck from the beginner” , what nerve !

22h29: We continue with Baptiste, who has never breathed in his life. “It’s like you’re trying to juggle three times in front of Zidane »

22h27: The other Pierre likes it and it passes for Pierre, who eliminates Sarah. Direction the famous harness for her.

22h26 : Pierre cooks his soufflé in a coconut, very, very beefy.

22h23: Gagnaire who compares Pierre to Michaël Youn! What a genius!

22h21 : « There is a great idea»Dixit Gagnaire, who sends a new ball to the white chocolate. Calmos on the Galak!

22h20: And it blows for Sarah, a minute before the end of regulation time.

22h16 : White chocolate in a soufflé for Sarah. So daring that Gagnaire is skeptical!

22h14: Let’s go for an hour!

22h09: It also reminds me of my childhood. I don’t like cheese (boo for a Norman, shame) but soufflé on the other hand, it’s YES. We’re releasing the violins for Pierre Gagnaire now.

22h09: We go directly to the second test, presented by Pierre Gagnaire, the king of soufflé.

22h08 : Everything reminds him of his childhood in Brandon. Like me at the mention of his first name, what a sign!


21h59: And this is the ad of course. As a pony, go make French toast! To win € 20,000, text your grandmother and say: “Give me € 20,000 »

21h58 : It is the plate of the Etchebest brigade which finishes last and which will in fact be the last chance. Blame it on the pear …

21h57: Brandon Dehan will give his verdict !!!

21h55: Matthias and Charline who stand in solidarity with Etchebest! It’s beauuuu!

21h55: ponyroux: if you have a little coconut, add a little to the hunger, that makes it exquisite!

21h55: The croissant tatin looks tough but wouldn’t it be a little dry despite the sauce?

21h50 : It starts with the almond croissant from the red team, accompanied by Mohamed’s boulard!

21h49: Only 30 seconds left. We will soon go to the tasting! (And to think that I still haven’t eaten)

21h47: Ahhhh … Matthias says of her that it is a nugget. What if a real duo was born easily?

21h45: Charline is still being stepped on by Matthias. The eviction of Matthew last week did not help matters.

21h45: Come on, we’re back on the pickles. More pear pickles …

21h44 : On the other hand, the pudding is no.

21h41: « We have a little pity for you»Sarran balances at Etchebest! PAN, take that Philippe!

21h40: The dessert of the Sarran team is very good. Even Anelka is not able to make such a nice quenelle.

21h38: @poneyroux: a real job as a journalist. Don’t you like Lower Normandy? (let us insist on the “low” despite our marriage with the “high”)

21h36: Brown croissants in butter: what a genius idea. Would have to try with kouign amann.

21h35: Ah … that’s it, Arnaud enters the scene. His brigade leaves on a lost crescent.

21h33: Chloe’s demonic laugh … a delight.

21h32: Hélène Darroze who ends up with cream on her face. I feel it’s going to be an unforgettable evening.

21h31: I hadn’t noticed last week that Mohamed Henni was doing Top Chef. I hope the production has security guards in the viewing room

21h30: @poneyroux: you unmasked me. How do you know that ?

21h29: Mohamed who puts no butter in his caramel. No but oh?

21h28: The Darroze brigade leaves on “lots of different textures  » .

21h27: Pairet and Sarran are in good shape tonight! We will feast.

21h25: Oh Baptiste’s crisps that look like palm trees. For those who live in Saint-Denis, I recommend those from Au Wheat d’Or, the best bakery in 93!

21h24 : @Dimrost: No, the word ouiche is forbidden!

21h22: I take advantage of the presence of Brandon Dehan to say hello to my childhood friend Brandon Mouffle, whom I finally found on FB recently … Come on, no more bullshit, we’re going back to the kitchen.

21h21: @ LuanaMaxRobindu75: Hmmmm … a real treat. A turd-shaped pizza? You had to invite you bastards!

21h19: The 4 brigades compete in this first test where the candidates will have to make a pastry with baked goods.

21h16 : Brandon Dehan presents his recipe for the lost brioche. I am more salty than sweet but all that is lost: I love it.

21h14 : Come on, let’s start with the debate between pain au chocolat and chocolatine. Pity…

21h11 : Useful to remember: the Etchebest brigade has one less cook. The show will start with a pastry test, I am told that it is Bertrand Dehan, a renowned pastry chef who will have to be convinced!

21h10 : @poneyroux: Hmmmm, these spring rolls look like a delight to me. Peanuts are a big yes!

21h07: Come on, before it starts, tell me what you ate tonight.

21h03: Small ad for the new season of “Married at first sight. Sounds like hell this show …

21h02: Are you still here @poneyroux ??? I also predict Top Chef eliminations!

21h01 : Hello the mosquitoes !! How are you ? We meet for the 4e

This season’s episode 12.

By Maxime Renaudet


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