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Astrological news: the Moon continues its transit through Sagittarius today the last day of the month in which Mercury enters the retrograde Scorpion in the vibration of the eight, that of material goods and the economy in general. Your ruler, the planet Venus, is in Scorpio while Uranus transits your sign, retrograde.

Venus, your sovereign, is directly making a good appearance of the conjunction with Mercury, but don't trust it because since you have retrograde Uranus in your sign, you have to be very careful not to commit imprudence.

D & # 39; now on and during these coming days of November, while your opposite sign, which is Scorpio, governs, there will be many situations that can take you out of your mind and therefore do not go ahead with the events remembered that in this period of time people Usually he speaks what is and what is not, so a concrete action is needed on your part to avoid making mistakes that you will regret later, the prospects are good, but in your hands it is necessary to take advantage of it .

Retrograde Mercury comes with warnings of danger, but also opportunities


to love
This astral cycle is a period of learning, Taurano. Always keep in mind that happiness consists more in your attitude than in the circumstances around you.

Something that until recently bothered you a lot about your partner, today becomes a grace and rediscover what made you fall in love with her or him. As you can see, the incidence of retrograde mercury is not as bad as I thought.

A relaxed, relaxed and optimistic attitude is what you need most right now to improve your health and attract good planetary vibrations.

There is a positive index in your life if you suffer from digestive disorders because the trill of Venus with Chirón's planetoid is excellent.

I work
You will be very busy doing something different from what you usually do and this, far from being worrying, should serve as a stimulus or motivation to apply new work techniques and break up the work routine by increasing your initiative in this cycle of retrograde planets.

Which monster would you be according to your zodiac sign


Money and luck
The transit of Venus with your opposite sign will excite you in the field of work and soon you will begin to have in your hands the money you thought you could not recover. C & # 39; is a productive tone that comes close to your life, Taurano.

Today's astral biorhythm
Sexual energy level this Thursday: moderate to high.
Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: the enthusiastic impulse you are receiving at the moment with the scent of Venus passing through your opposite sign.
Dangerous trend today in the sign of Taurus: let discouragement prevent you from exploiting your time in a rational way.
What should I avoid ?: Lack of consistency during the execution of an activity.

Sentence of the day: the people who advance in life are those who do not expect the storm to push forward but who learn to walk in the rain.

Prediction by couple for today Thursday
The best relationship today: relationships will work very well for you if your partner is of a land mark, particularly Taurus and Virgo, also with Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.
The most tense relationship: it could be presented with Leo.
Your current compatibility: there is a good wave of compatibility with all the signs of earth and water in general, in particular Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer and Scorpio.
If you are single or single: you will marvel at all that is happening in your life right now, love has many faces.


You will have a day full of patience


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