Torra calls for "force" to justice against the "fascist guerrillas" who have painted in Verges


The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has asked Spanish justice to "act forcefully" against the "fascist guerrillas" who on Tuesday evening painted their symbols and insults against the Nazi president in Verges (Basso Emporda). The city woke up with several facades painted with writings such as "Todos somos españoles" and "Viva España" and with Spanish flags on lanterns and pylons, and the steles that were in the streets were also removed.

The president of the Generalitat visited Verges and met the mayor of the city, Ignasi Sabater (CUP), to show the government's solidarity with facts that he called "intolerable" and said that the Generalitat will continue to close the search. detailed Torra, the Mossos d'Esquadra are already about to close the attack to send him Monday to court. In addition, explains the ACN, sources close to the case explain that Mossos has identified the suspicions of having painted.

"So far we knew what it meant to do in Tortosa, now we know what it means to do a Verges: that is confronting fascism in a non-violent manner and clarify that fascism at home will not happen", said Torra, who stressed that same afternoon Verges has received the solidarity of the Catalans from all over the country to cancel the damage caused. "I'm sorry that your house has gone crazy," added the president. In turn, the mayor of Verges thanked the solidarity of Torra and said that "the teams that act on the bonnet are people who try to sow fear, we calm down, but what they get is the opposite".

During his visit to the municipality of Empordà, Torra also referred to the demonstration organized by the Jusapol police union and asked "not to fall into provocation, even if they were offensive". "If we have the possibility of success in our struggle for independence, it is to become strong in what we are, a democratic people with the full awareness of being a people and that will never fall into provocation", the president of the government .


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