Torrent: "Who is responsible for the entrance of the extreme right is who has whitened"


The President of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, met in Belgium with the former president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, to talk about "sewing a common strategy" for the next few months, he said this morning at Catalunya Ràdio. "It was the first time we saw faces physically, but with Puigdemont we talked a lot," said Torrent, who called for "finding consensus" in independence despite "different nuances and sensitivity". Likewise, he accused the constitutionalist parties of having "whitened" the speech of Vox, after the party entered the Andalusian parliament: "We can not be held responsible for the entry of the far right in this country. Who is responsible is who has whitened them, "he said.

Without specifying too much on the unitary strategy, Torrent announced that the independentist parties plan "to use all the capacity for political pressure and social mobilization to make the referendum impossible in the referendum", the only scenario, underlined , "resolution of political conflict".

"On October 3, there were more people than October 1, because there were all those people who could not vote, but also wanted to defend their rights and their freedoms," said the President of Parliament: "That Photo is what makes us strong." Torrent framed the meeting that last weekend took place in Belgium, with the assistance of the first swords of JxCat, ERC and CUP, as a demonstration of the fact that " we're on the right path".

One of the elements to be discussed during the meetings, the president of the Catalan Chamber explained, is the hunger strike by some political prisoners. "They will be very difficult days, the hunger strike is the answer to this judicial farce, to this invented story," he said, explaining that he will meet several European representatives (including two former European Parliament presidents) to address the issue of repression: "More and more people appear in Europe against repression, exile and political prisoners, the need to resolve the conflict in the polls is shared."

Torrent has complained about the emergence of Vox in the Andalusian institutions, but stressed that this will not affect the support of independence in the budgets of the Spanish government. "We said that there must have been social progress but at the same time effective steps had to be taken on prisoners and exiles", he recalled: "This has not been done".


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