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Toshiaki Megumi has been the main caster of Hiruobi for over 10 years. Ms. Megumi, who has a well-established image of her daytime face, entered Waseda University’s Graduate School of Sport Sciences in April last year, completed a year of lectures, and completed her degree this time.

What is the reason for taking on an unknown challenge while approaching the age of 60? What is Megumi trying to achieve in the world of sports? In her first part, she talks about how she got into graduate school and what her classes are like.

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Interview with Toshiaki Megumi
Part 1

Mr. Toshiaki Megumi, who will complete his one-year graduate school life in March.
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――Please tell us how you entered graduate school at Waseda University.

Aoyama Gakuin University’s track and field coach Susumu Hara, who has appeared as a commentator in “Hiruobi”, told an alumnus of Waseda University’s Graduate School of Sport Sciences, “It was really fun. Megumi-san, if you have the chance, would you like to have a chance?” ?” She has been resetting her life and living due to Corona, and as she approaches 60 years old, she has always wanted to set up an opportunity to study apart from her work. Feeling that the timing has come, she decided to take the exam.

――How did your family and those around you react to Megumi’s decision?

The family never complained. I have children who are current college students, students taking entrance exams, and elementary school students. It wasn’t like going abroad for a year, and it wasn’t a schedule that would change my life. It was very cooperative, or rather, they gave me a lot of support with the feeling of “Isn’t it good?” Even after entering school, when I talk to my friends from high school, they all say, “I’m glad I was able to go where I wanted to go.” Do you have an understanding?

In addition, the local (Kagoshima Prefecture) newspaper wrote about my admission, and I thought that the people around me were very positive about studying. For me, it was a personal activity that wasn’t even a job, and I was surprised at how much the world was reacting to it.

――Did you feel a gap with your image after you actually entered the school?

There was no gap or image. I never went to college, so I had no idea what it was like. That’s why I was so moved by the Okuma Auditorium that there’s a convenience store on campus! It was like that.

But it was something I wanted to do, and unlike work, I didn’t go there to get paid, and basically it was full of dreams. I’m so motivated.

――How many times a week did you go to school?

Basically about 4 days. There are classes from 6:00 to 9:30 in the evening, and each class is 90 minutes. There is a first term and a second term, and there is a summer vacation.

There are about 39 people in our generation, and among them are former Japanese national team athletes (Rugby player Ayumu Goromaru, soccer player Takashi Fukunishi, and Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi are classmates), as well as presidents of small and medium-sized enterprises. There were people who run a sports gym in Ibaraki and caregivers. During breaks, we all drink tea together, and there are people who say, “My child has grown up, and I’m finally out of my hands, so I can finally study like this.” I was having a good time.

Classes are long on Saturdays, so I go to school in the morning, then go to a nearby Chinese restaurant for lunch, and the teacher tells me that this set meal is delicious. “It’s a lot, so it’s better to say it’s a small size,” he said (laughs).

――How did you get to the campus in Takadanobaba?

It’s my car. I always parked at a coin parking near the university. Play songs by Tatsuro Yamashita, Shogo Hamada, Motoharu Sano, and Keisuke Kuwata in the car on the way back and forth. After college, it’s like walking home singing out loud. Shinjuku at night, Koshu Kaido at night… I haven’t had a chance to see it for years, and I just pass by, but I try to remember my junior high and high school days while listening to my favorite songs. I felt nostalgic.

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