total cost revalued to 220 million euros


On October 14th and 15th, Aude had received within three hours the equivalent of three months of rains, which caused the death of fourteen people and also caused more than 70 wounded.

The river La Berre, near the city of Portel-des-Corbières (Aude).

The total cost of the floods that hit the Aude department in mid-October is now estimated at 220 million euros, the French Insurance Federation (FFA) declared on Friday, November 9th.

The Federation now believes "At 35,000 the number of losses caused by these floods, of which 27,000 only for the department of Aude, for a final cost of about 220 million euros"according to his release. "The advances on compensation have been paid up to 17 million euros, with particular attention to people in great difficulty", he added.

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Three months of rain in a few hours

As already announced in mid-October, FFA recalls that insurers will accept compensation claims until November 30, 2018 for municipalities recognized as natural disasters. "To help insured people in their efforts and accelerate compensation, insurers have strengthened their teams in the field and the experts work tirelessly." The entire profession is mobilized, in close connection with public authorities and elected officials, to respond as quickly as possible to the expectations of the people and professionals involved "said Bernard Spitz, the president of the FFA, mentioned in the statement.

On October 14 and 15, Aude had received within three hours the equivalent of three months of rain, the worst of the country since 1891, which caused the death of fourteen people and left more than 70 wounded. . Hundreds of people are devastated, their houses devastated, the roads are gutted, the villages devastated.

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