Total War – Pharaoh: New information about the next part of the series

With Total War: Pharaoh, developer Creative Assembly is already launching the 16th part of the series. After the setting was recently leaked, the official announcement of the game followed.

As the name suggests, it goes to the realm of the pharaohs. To be more precise, in the late Bronze Age from 1204 BC. The game promises a large, customizable campaign, which should offer a new experience with every playthrough through new setting options. Of course, the well-known mix of turn-based strategy on a world map and the option to fight battles in real time can also be found in the latest part. The official site shows a total of eight playable factions. So far, Egypt with its leader Ramses, who can also be seen in the trailer, Canaan and the Hittite kingdom are known.

Anyone who, after the previous fantasy parts, is in the mood for a total war in a historical setting can already join Steam and on the official home page preorder. Three different editions have already been presented. The Standard Edition for 59.99 euros only contains the actual game. In addition to the digital soundtrack, the deluxe for 72.87 euros also includes the first faction DLC. Finally, there is the Dynasty Edition for a whopping 91.46 euros. This also promises all three faction DLCs, the soundtrack and the campaign package DLC. For all pre-orders there are also two cosmetic packs and access to the early access weekend, regardless of the edition purchased.

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2023-05-24 18:54:39

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