Total War: Warhammer III will feature more legendary heroes- Total War: Warhammer III

According to Andy Hall, Total War: Warhammer III may have spent the better part of its first year bringing us the free expansion Empires of the Immortals and fixing various bugs, but now the focus has shifted entirely to Bringing fresh new content into the game.

More legendary heroes are coming to the game, Creative Assembly’s lead writer and narrative designer told the Inside The Rookery podcast. In Total War: Warhammer II, legendary heroes are iconic characters in Warhammer Fantasy, they cannot lead an army alone, but can still act as units and heroes on the campaign map in battle.

While Hall stated that they will continue the idea of ​​using legendary heroes, the team also seems to want to make more legendary lords.“For legendary lords, they are your avatars in this world, and they are destined for you to play their role,”He said.“So it makes sense to try and get as many Warhammer personalities as possible into the role. Even like Deathmaster Sneaky, they’re not usually generals, they’re loners. But again, we’re following in the footsteps of the tabletop. They’re also this way.

Hall also talked about where Total War: Warhammer III is going in terms of expansion,He said: “If you’re looking for new areas of expansion, Cathay Pacific has a lot more to look at. But we’re also looking at all the other games and we’re well aware that some of the games that were released very early need some love as well.

What would you like to see in Total War: Warhammer III DLC?

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