Total War: Warhammer III’s Chaos Dwarves DLC also brings new legendary heroes – Total War: Warhammer III

In addition to the new Chaos Dwarves faction, we’ll also get another legendary hero when Total War: Warhammer III’s new DLC releases next month.

The legendary heroes who came to the game are Ulrika Magdovar Strahov, a character from the books of Gortrick and Felix. The titular duo has already made it into the game, but now another character from the popular series is becoming the game’s first “good” vampire.

Ulrika can only be recruited by the Kislev and Imperial factions in the game, and is a hybrid spellcaster and melee specialist. She can be a devastating addition to an army, or as a hero character, she can also be sent on solo missions to assassinate enemy lords, break down walls for sieges, and steal technology from opponents.

Will you add Ulrika to your army in Total War: Warhammer III?

FreeLC Legendary Hero Ulrika Magdova!
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