Totalcar – Magazine – Toyota GR86 will change its name, but you will hardly notice

After a lot of research and brainstorming, deliberation and acceptance of suggestions, only the manufacturers decide on the name of a car, yet it is very difficult to find one that sounds great all over the world. One would think that there should be no problem with type designations consisting of a combination of letters and numbers, but even that has its pitfalls. Toyota has now figured this out GR86 in connection with.

That’s why the boxed motor coupe, formerly known as the GR 86, will now appear under the GR86 brand on Toyota. The change isn’t too big, just a space has been removed, yet it matters a lot in the world of the internet, where everyone will clearly use #GR86 instead of #GR # 86. This search engine optimization has made it easier to find a car online, as the space-loaded version was a disadvantage for Internet searches.

Its predecessor had many names for the Scion FR-S, then was dubbed the Toyota 86 in North America and GT86 in Europe, but was also known as the FT-86 in Nicaragua and Jamaica. This makes it easier to call GR86 anywhere in the world after Gazoo Racing, GR Yaris and the GR Supra it also fits better between them.

Watch Karotta’s video about the GT86 because it’s beautiful and it’s going to cross!


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