Toti Soler and Gemma Humet, united by poetry


Among them is a complicity that comes from afar and that you notice when they are on stage. The generational distance does not matter when an interpretative sensitivity is shared, as do Toti Soler (Vilassar de Dalt, 1949) and Gemma Humet (Terrassa, 1988), who in the album Small party Seven years of collaboration culminate. "Since we registered Sea cliff, practically every single record, there was a song with Gemma. So one day I said: "Let's add a few more songs and we have a complete record of ours". And Gemma said yes right away ", explains Toti Soler on the disk management Small party (A Produccions-Satélike K, 2018). "I can always say that I recorded a record with Toti," says Gemma Humet.

The album, of seventeen songs, is based on an extraordinary lyric material – copies of Joan Vinyoli, Maria Mercè Marçal, Joan Salvat-Papasseit, Boris Vian, Jacques Brel, Ovidi Montllor- and works as a double mirror. On the one hand, it reflects the career of Toti Soler, also collecting the music that his father made for the poems of Vinyoli and who has lied more classic of popular songs. On the other hand, it allows you to see the evolution of Gemma Humet's voice, because there are recordings of the first years of collaboration with other new ones. "Technically, I'm singing in a similar way, but in these years many things have happened that made me mature.You do not want it, this is evident.For example, now it has made me much more in the texts I play," admits Humet .

Toti Soler, one of the great musicians of the country, did not hesitate to express the value of Gemma Humet in no time. "It has naturalness, simplicity, musicality, and the baggage Gemma comes from a family of musicians and with the knowledge of the French song, Ovid … There are people who sing very well but do not have this baggage, and this is a lot. from the first moment I had no doubt that he was a very good singer, "says Soler. "When Toti called me for the first time, it was a huge rise in self-esteem for me, it gave me more confidence, I thought:" If someone like Toti has confidence in me, maybe he starts to trust myself. " it was very important, "adds Humet.

As could not be otherwise, the album also includes four songs by Ovidi Montllor: "One of our most important artists", says the guitarist who has accompanied him for so many years and today stands out the validity of his intervention. "I remember when democracy came, in quotes, there were people who asked Ovid:" And now what are you going to sing about? "What a question … Some thought there was no longer any need to protest, that Ovid's joke had a very clear conscience, it came from the business world and it was very clear, all this," says Soler.


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