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Oli Scarff | France Media Agency

The Tottenham player Heung-min Son was the lead in the win against Burnley, however, he would have suffered racist acts by visiting fans.

Although both teams claimed to be investigating the event, a 13-year-old boy would have been caught making fun of in a racist way of the South Korean footballer.

This is how it is stated The Sun, which contextualizes the event in a disastrous weekend in the Premier League, where a racist act was also experienced by a Manchester City fan against the Brazilian Fred, from United.

In the game of the ‘Spurs’ with Burnley, the child would have been surprised by the workers of the stadium and he was immediately expelled from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

It should be remembered that the South Korean scored a great goal at 32 minutes of play, when he eluded 7 rivals and ran more than 70 meters to define before the goalkeeper.

For now, it is not known if the racist act against him was after or before he scored that goal, since both clubs are gathering information to provide it to the authorities that are investigating the case.

“During the Premier League match, a 13-year-old boy, a Burnley fan, was expelled from the stadium for allegedly racist gestures against Heung-Min Son,” they stated from the visiting club.

“While the investigation lasts, Brunley FC will contact the teenager and his family, with the aim of indict him in an educational program, in conjunction with ‘Kick It Out’ (foundation that fights against racism) and Burnley within the community ”, explained from the club.

“Burnley Football Club reiterates the zero tolerance policy against discrimination of any kind”, completed.


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