News Tougher measures on the LT?; The outbreak of the...

Tougher measures on the LT?; The outbreak of the Registry reaches the families of

The The council of Ministers will meet on Thursday with Lisbon and Tagus Valley region in the centre of your concerns. After a meeting with experts in the Fdathe President of the Republic walked away from the scene of the fun in Lisbon, portugal. But, the experts ask, “measures and include but are not limited to, the region.

The lisbon and Vale do Tejo region has surpassed a four-year-old North in a number of infected since the beginning of the the pandemic and for the country as a whole, it accounts for more than 40 million cases of CovidDown 19, to which 26.083 have already recovered from it.

All over the world, and the the pandemic the Covid-19 have been killed 478.818 the people, and infected more than 9.3 million people. Of these, at least, 4.574.300 are now considered to be cured.

Please refer to the map of the evolution of the the pandemic the new one coronaviruses in the Uk and around the World.

Follow minute-BY-MINUTE on the latest developments in the CovidDown 19 in the Uk and around the World:

9h40 – Germany had, in the past 24 hours over 630 cases of people for Covid-19according to the data released by the Robert Koch Institute, an increase in the number of infected since the beginning of the the pandemic for 192.079. The country has recorded the deaths of 13 people, the total number of deaths it is now 8.927.

9: 30 am – In the last 24 hours Russia has recorded the most 7.113 cases and 92 deaths Covid-19. The country hits are now a total of 613.994 cases of the disease since the beginning of the the pandemic.

9.15 am – Members of the families of the young people infected in the aftermath of a party at the campsite of the Greatndola they will also have tested positive for the CovidDown 19, goes to SCI-News. According to the the mayor the Greatndolain the group there is no youth of the natural area.

9h10 – The fear grows in the inhabitants of the Area, and the mask becomes more important. In the village, on the Edge, in the county of nottingham forest, city, more the affected the covidDown 19, the mask has become a must-have accessory for people who, in spite of the fear of growing to be infectedthey need to make to your daily routine.

9: 00 am – The cooling system will be enhanced, with the spread of the virus in the the slaughter in the Tönniesin Germanypoint out to the experts. 1,500 workers have contracted the disease, and the other nearly 7 billion people are out of quarantine. At the same time we the discovery of a new flare-up in the Low-Saxon, with which I, 35 infected.

8h50 – The App anticovid in the Uk. “We’ve got to get back to everything?”. Vital Moreira is a question of when it will be released in the app that allows you to keep track of, digital, people, another with the new one coronaviruses.

8h40 – The sun will kill the virus? The scientists, Jose-Luis Sagripanti David Lytle a veteran of the U.s. army and a former employee at the agency and the us Food and Drug Administration, accordingly they say that the sunlight is strong, has the ability to wipe out a new coronaviruses in just 34 minutes. It will be recalled that the DGS it has been noted that “there is no evidence of heat, will prevent or cure the Covid

8h20 – New York City, State Of New Jersey and Connecticut imposed a quarantine of 14 days who is traveling to eight states (Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah). With over 756 deaths in the last 24 hours The U.S. account for nearly 122-thousand deaths.

8: 15 am- The most recent outbreak of the Covid-19 in the Portugal is:

8: 00 am- The new accident and emergency Center, University Hospital Lisbon North, for suspected cases of CovidTo 9, received the “most important part” – a device for Computerized Tomography that will provide support to the undidade.

7h20 – A group of concerned citizens, the majority of Health care professionals, has released a manifesto in which it proposes a number of measures to “save the The NHS“the growth of the investment professionals and facilities, with priority given to regions with the greatest need.

7: 00 am – After the meeting with the experts in the Fdathe Government sits in the Council of Ministers, and it is hoped the new measures to contain the contagions in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region, now the region with the greatest number of cases since the start of the the pandemic. According to Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, experts in the field have asked for measures are “specific and concrete”. Shall be entitled to the return of the gathering are civil in Lisbon, portugal.

6h20- China’s first step was to survey 19 additional cases of CovidDown 19 in the last 24 hoursincluding 13 in Beijing, which was announced by the chinese authorities. All of the cases in Beijing are the spread of the disease to the localthus, as a case is diagnosed in the province of Hebeisituated adjacent to the chinese capital.

6h10 – The United States has recorded 756 fatalities for the CovidDown 19 in the last 24 hoursto 121.932 deaths since the beginning of the the pandemicin accordance with the balance sheet, of the Johns Hopkins University.

6.00 am- Have a good day! We start here with our follow-up to the MINUTE the pandemic in this Country and around the World. Follow us!

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