Toulon: Patrice Collazo sharply reframes Rhys Webb – Top 14

The manager of RC Toulon set the record straight with the Welsh scrum half, who had left the club in a hurry.

Player of the Toulon Rugby Club from 2018 to January last, the Welsh scrum half Rhys Webb had been dismissed by the club leaders after they learned that Webb had secretly negotiated his return to the Wales selection. In an interview with the BBC, the international number 9 had recently criticized the Var club. “The worst thing is that they didn’t say anything to me opposite. They spoke directly in the French media. I learned everything from other players when I got to training. They did not have the decency to tell me the opposite. The players were there for me. The foreigners, but even more the French, like Charles Ollivon, were the first to call me to ask me if it was okay, and to make sure that we would go for a beer after the Tournament “, detailed the international scrum half , before explaining that he had “done nothing wrong” when he agreed to return to the national team.

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RCT manager Patrice Collazo wanted to put things right in the columns of Var Morning. “I saw that Rhys complained about the way he was treated in Toulon. He just left out a few big details. In fact, there have been several components. The first, when he announced to me last June that his wife wants to return to Wales. I then ask him if that is a problem for him. He assures me that he does not and assures me that he will keep all of his commitments. “For my part, I promise to arrange his schedule in complete transparency with respect to the other players, so that he can from time to time go to see his family.”

Webb had thanked Collazo for freeing him

The manager of the RCT explains that there was a “second installment from October”: “With Laurent Emmanuelli, we hear that his CV is circulating in England. We are confirmed. We ask Rhys if he wants to leave but he categorically denies. Third installment in December. He tells us that he no longer wants to go through with his contract and that he wants to be released. I explain to him that the moment is not very well chosen but that I can understand. He still assures me that he is going to make a big end of the season. For my part, I speak with Laurent Emmanuelli to the president so that he releases him for free. Rhys thanks me. “

“Many great players have passed through Toulon and have contented themselves with leaving a mark on the field, which is the mark of the greatest. Not in the newspapers or in the infirmary “

Patrice Collazo

Patrice Collazo continues: “As soon as he has this agreement, he approaches the Welsh Federation to try to reinstate the national team from the Six Nations Tournament. And we learn in January, 24 hours from a match, that he would now be selectable. Disappointed by his behavior, I therefore make the decision to remove him from the group despite the absence of Serin and the unavailability of Meric. I don’t give him any explanation since he didn’t give it to me. I believe loyalty cannot be one way. It’s a framework that I cannot deviate from. No player is above the institution. ”

Scathing conclusion

According to Collazo, the RCT “did a lot for him, I just expected loyalty and involvement from him. From the moment he left us in trouble, it was clear that we were no longer his priority. So we had to negotiate their immediate and final exit to protect the team. ” And to conclude: “Finally, I would like to remind you that many great players have passed through Toulon and have contented themselves with leaving a mark on the field, which is the mark of the greatest. Not in the newspapers or in the infirmary. ” Scathing.


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