Tour operators and travel agencies: employment alarm for 40,000 workers

On the day of the world tourism festival, few will celebrate, because the month of October will fall like an ax on tour operators and travel agencies. The 28 weeks of social safety nets, which partially covered the salaries of employees, will run out in the coming weeks, placing an unsustainable burden on companies that have lost 81% of their turnover since the pre-covid period. Forty thousand jobs at risk among employees and collaborators. Qualified personnel – 53% of the total have more than 10 years of company seniority – who leaving the companies would lead to a loss of skills built up over the years, with irreversible damage for the sector.



Female work is penalized

A cut that would also aggravate the situation of female work in Italy after the pandemic: 70% of organized tourism workers are women, about 28,000 out of a total of 40,000 employees. of the sector, in organized tourism work is still at a standstill and in the absence of an extension of the social safety nets companies will have no alternative to cutting work. From the survey carried out by Fto, the Federation of Organized Tourism, it appears that 77% of companies said they were forced to open collective dismissal proceedings in the absence of other aid. Cuts that will affect workers already put in difficulty by the pandemic: the social safety nets now guarantee a much lower net pay than that received by working, which in many cases is no longer sufficient to support the family and honor the commitments made before the covid.

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Burgio (Alpitour): “Even service workers must be protected”

«Today is world tourism day but unfortunately Italy cannot participate in the celebrations – comments Gabriele Burgio, CEO and president of the Alpitour Group – because Italians cannot yet leave Europe. A choice that denies us the same opportunities as other Europeans who do not have this limitation and that puts jobs at risk of which very little is talked about. We rightly mobilize for the closure of a factory that leaves 300 people at home, but we ignore the 40 thousand workers at risk of organized tourism ».

Gattinoni (Fto): “It is necessary to extend the social safety nets”

In light of the stringent constraints that limit the travel of Italians, therefore, it is difficult for the sector to restart. “With a firm market, to protect organized tourism workers it is urgent to extend the expiring shock absorbers – explains Franco Gattinoni, president of the Fto -, or to expand the use of the new skills fund, now envisaged when returning to work, guaranteeing training professional in this period of non-activity, when people are still at home, without therefore burdening the accounts of companies “.

Ezhaya (Astoi): insufficient refreshments

“The refreshments put in place by the current government are few and insufficient – explains Pier Ezhaya, president of Astoi Confindustria Viaggi, the association of tour operators – and must be strengthened because 2021 was worse than 2020. It is not clear, then, why you can travel for work or for reunification, but not for tourism, so we need to align with the rules of other European countries. Much more will also be done on layoffs, which we ask to be extended for the whole of the first quarter of 2022, representing companies that do not leave overnight but that make a living from programming ».

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