Tour Ship Sinking in Labuan Bajo, 4 People Injured

LABUAN BAJO, – The KM Lalong Koe Tour Ship sank in Batu Tiga waters, Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), on Saturday (20/5/2023) afternoon.

The Head of the Maumere Search and Relief Office, Mexianus Bekapal said, the joint SAR team who arrived at the scene found all the passengers on the Larearea Tourist Ship which happened to be passing by. Then the SAR team immediately provided help.

The SAR team on the RIB ship immediately carried out the evacuation to the Labuan Bajo KSOP port.

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“The SAR team first prioritized the evacuation process for 4 passengers who were injured, namely 1 Indonesian female tourist who suffered a broken leg and 3 others suffered minor injuries to their legs,” Mexianus said in a written statement received Saturday night.

He said that one of the three people injured was a foreigner from Germany.

“Everything has been taken to RS Siloam Labuan Bajo,” he said.

He added, at 22.42 WITA, the joint Sars team had evacuated all passengers who were injured or in good health.

His party appreciated the work of the entire combined SAR team, both from the crew of the Larearea Tour Boat, elements of the Labuan Bajo TNI Police, West Manggarai SAR Post Rescue Team, Labuan Bajo Siloam Hospital Crew, and Labuan Bajo KSOP.

“May God repay the kindness of the entire combined SAR team,” he said.

He added that the tour boat carried 12 people, consisting of 8 tourists and 4 crew members.

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