Business Tourist voucher. Almost 109,000 active codes

Tourist voucher. Almost 109,000 active codes

On Saturday until 13 nearly 58 thousand of entitled persons activated vouchers with a total value of over PLN 50 million.

Today before At 9 am, the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) informed that there are almost 109,000 active bills, and the amount exceeded PLN 94 million.

Many people are already paying with vouchers. According to ZUS, 1.2 thousand jobs were made by Sunday morning. payments for a total amount of over PLN 977 thousand zł.

The benefit in the form of a tourist voucher is granted for a child who is entitled to a child benefit or a childcare allowance from the “Family 500 plus” program. Parents of children with disabilities can count on an additional voucher, also in the amount of PLN 500.

If a person has more than one child, they will receive one voucher, the value of which will correspond to the number of children. So if someone has, for example, three children, they will receive a voucher of PLN 1,500. He will be able to pay with it once or several times until the voucher is exhausted. We write about the most important rules regarding the tourist voucher here.

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