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In the last weekend of vacation in Acapulco, the Beaches they look full and hotels report an occupancy of over 90 percent.

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Hundreds of tourists say goodbye to holidays next to peaceful, rested to return to your daily activities full of energy.

Basically it is to come to relax, to enjoy the environment; For me, Acapulco is one of the most touristic places in all of Mexico, ”said Dayan, a tourist.

He tourism He has begun to leave his destination, but is relieved by hundreds of families who could not vacation at the end of the year and take advantage of these dates to visit the port.

A percentage, I think, easy for now is 92, 93 percent and at the end of the year we were at one hundred, the truth is an end-of-the-year season like never before, ”said Mauricio Suazo Vega, service provider.

For tourists like Jessy, originally from Mexico City, Acapulco It is a traditional destination with a family atmosphere.

Acapulco is a beautiful place that since I was little we have been coming to vacation, it is very, very beautiful and apart from that the atmosphere is very familiar, ”said Jessy, a tourist.

The warm climate is the main attraction that the port is offering to the tourism, which seeks to get away from the low temperatures that prevail in the Center and North of the country.

Vacationing in Acapulco is a delight, it’s really cool, ”said Dayan, a tourist.

Civil protection reports that so far there is a white balance on the beaches as there is no record of cases of suffocation due to submersion that occurred during this holiday period.

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