Towards innovation in phosphorus recovery: OCP joins the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

A new membership for OCP. The global player in the phosphate industry is now a member of the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) for the promotion of the sustainable management of phosphorus.

To this end, OCP will share, as it specifies, “its expertise and good practices with more than 40 members of the ESPP as well as its vast network of researchers and industrial actors covering the entire chain of value of phosphate and phosphorus ”.
The objective being, according to the same group, “to think together about new innovative ways to use this resource in an optimal way”. By sharing the knowledge and expertise of all the players who support the phosphate industry, the ESPP has, as OCP details it, created an efficient and proactive network to think collectively on green management and sustainable use of this resource. In this regard, Hanane Mourchid, Sustainability & Green Industrial Development director of the OCP Group, indicates: “As a major player and responsible for the largest phosphate reserves known to date, we are committed to maximizing the potential of this resource, through the strength of innovation and R&D ”.

The goal is, as she explains, to continue to create phosphate products that help feed the world in a sustainable way. “Integrating the ESPP allows us to continue the work we have done to optimize and manage the use of phosphate in our industry, while sharing our knowledge with other players who share the same commitment. If we are to continue to feed our growing population, it is essential to continue to find new and innovative ways to manage phosphate resources, ”she adds. In turn, Ludwig Hermann, President of ESPP, said: “As a major player in the phosphate industry and a major contributor to phosphorus research, we are delighted to help create opportunities in the field of phosphorus. research and innovation around the management of phosphate, particularly concerning the recycling methods that will result from this partnership. Ongoing dialogues and knowledge sharing are essential to ensure progress in the responsible use of phosphorus, which will nourish our world for centuries to come ”.

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