Toyota sold the most cars in the world last year, beating VW for the second time in a row

In 2021, the Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor ranked first in global car sales and defeated the German Volkswagen Group for the second time in a row.

The crisis in parts supplies in Southeast Asia has helped alleviate this, the Kyoto agency wrote.

German carmaker Volkswagen announced on Wednesday that its number of cars sold had fallen by 4.5 percent year on year to 8.88 million. That’s less than 9.56 million cars sold by Toyota between January and November.

Toyota’s sales also include cars from the mini-vehicle manufacturer Daihatsu Motor and truck manufacturer Hino Motors. Both carmakers belong to the Toyota group.

The disruption of the parts supply chain due to the covidu-19 pandemic did not hit the Japanese carmaker as hard as other car manufacturers. Volkswagen had to reduce production due to a worldwide shortage of chips.


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