TPMP: Matthew Delormeau dézingue Aya Nakamura, she replies insulting him


VIDEO – "For whom is it?" There are aristes who have made a single and never seen again, "said Cyril Hanouna's columnist against the 23-year-old singer who was shocked Saturday night during the NRJ Music Awards.

Tension on the plateau Do not touch my post! Monday evening While Cyril Hanouna and Djette Kelly Vedovelli overwhelmed Nikos Aliagas for stripping Aya Nakamura's name on Saturday night at the NRJ Music Awards, Matthew Delormeau put it in perspective. "He did not even kill the name of Elton John!" It was enough to unleash the anger of Gilles Verdez who then shouted: "She's a singer, maybe you do not like her, but she was humiliated, she was dragged into the mud!" Exclaimed Gilles Verdez. Defend it, it's impossible. What they did was disgusting! Do not laugh! "

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"For who is it?"

Matthieu Delormeau, 12 November 2018

"She is angry because she did not win a prize", added the former NRJ12 figure to the artist behind the success Djadja. Nikos was wrong about his name, it could happen to everyone, he apologized for living live and flat. Do not overdo it. And to add: "For those who take themselves? There are artists who have made a single and never seen again, who is waiting to make a career," he said again under the cry of the public.

A few minutes after the sequence, the main responder reacted on Twitter treating Matthieu Delormeau "little with!". This insulting message was accompanied by the hashtag "#RespectLesGensMerde". And unlike this weekend when he had removed a bitter tweet about the organization of the NRJ Music Awards, he left this publication on his account.

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