Trackmania now also free for consoles

( – In early July 2020, Trackmania was released for the first time, a remake of the popular Trackmania Nations. Since then, the game has been expanded with new features and is now also available for consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) and the cloud platform Amazon Luna, which with a Console launch trailer is celebrated. This will make the community even bigger and let you experience the fun of racing and improving your skills together.

After the PC, the current Trackmania is now also available for the consoles

With the support of crossplay and cross-progression, even more gamers should be able to enjoy exciting races. Tackmania offers a unique direct racing experience where you can compete against each other on more than 1,000 tracks and climb a new leaderboard every day.

Also, players can team up with their friends in two different game modes, Ranked and Royal, and take part in daily changing competitions. As you progress through the races, new prestige skins, medals and trophies are unlocked as rewards. Further challenges await in the form of the many events organized by the community and an official e-sports circuit.

Track editor specifically for the consoles

Creativity is the fuel of the Trackmania community with more than 2,000 shared car skins for all to enjoy. In addition, the console launch includes a track editor designed specifically for the consoles, as well as hundreds of new blocks for gameplay and design, completing a collection of more than 3,000 pieces. New image collections inspired by Ubisoft games are available to create and customize in-game clubs.

The console version offers the same editions as the PC version: with a free starter access, a standard access for EUR 9.99 per year and a club access for EUR 29.99 per year or EUR 59.99 for three Years. The three models aim to cater to each gaming preference, from regularly updated content to full customization features and pro-level competitions.

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