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The dogs They are considered the most faithful and loyal pets, so it is not a surprise that they want to spend much of the day with us. It is no coincidence that the so-called best friend of man over time has become a member in most families around the world. Even every July 21, the World Dog Day.

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But the behaviors of these canes they always bring us more than a smile. Even when they do their antics and turn the home environments upside down. From their conceits for us to play with, to when we return home after shopping or work and they receive us more affectionate than usual.

Taking advantage of this July 21 these noble pets celebrate their day, we share some of the reasons why dogs they follow us everywhere. Here we detail them:

Why do dogs follow us everywhere?

According to the veterinary doctor Karen Becker, from the Healthy Pets website, the food, love and water that we give to our furry friends is a powerful reason for them to follow us everywhere.

According to veterinary Kathryn Primm Dvm, another motivation is her natural instinct to be part of a herd, which in this case would be the owner and her family. This drive of the dogs to try to fit makes it always follow the steps in search of physical contact.

Another explanation for the behavior is due to the positive reinforcement that people generate with their pets, that is, the way they reward them with a food, article or activity for their good actions. In short, when your dog is following you, she is looking for this type of. rewards.

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Finally, the curiosity and the obligation to help of the dogs also influences this call. “Shadow effect”. In short, when he sees his companion move, the dog patrols the area of ​​the house and wants to know what you’re doing.

If there is something that most vets and experts agree on, it is that the company is the main factor why these pets follow us everywhere. So next time I get your attention, grab it, play with it, and never stop giving it a lot of love.

Why is July 21 World Dog Day?

There is no explanation for the origin and choice of this date. But many relate that in July, a month of vacations, many families usually abandon their dogs. For this reason, this day seeks to raise awareness about the mistreatment and neglect suffered by these pets. The date emerged in 2004.


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