Trader accused of coup squandered in Paris and Aspen. See photos and video

One trader, a resident of São Paulo, is accused of embezzlement by a group of approximately 180 investors. According to the victims, Rodrigo Lyra, 26, posted on social media that he was doubling, through operations on the Stock Exchange, the amount that each one sent him, through the pix.

Amounts ranging from R$500 to R$35,000 were deposited. The group, however, did not receive the profits or reimbursement of the transfers. Police reports were registered and the case is being investigated by the Civil Police of the states of Amazonas, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

One of the victims told the column that only after making the deposit did she discover that she would not receive the money. “He spent seasons in Paris and Aspen boasting. At no time does he detail the operations, he simply keeps posting several traders making money claiming to be the best in Brazil. When I went to ask about my money, he said he lost it and didn’t send me anything to prove it on the stock exchange,” said the man who asked not to be identified.

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The action of doubling income, according to the sources heard by the report, was a kind of Christmas offer. “He announced that he would be Santa Claus and that he would double the values ​​without charging anything for it. From there, the action went viral and many started to make deposits”, said one of the investors.

A woman ended up in a delicate situation when she invested R$ 1,500 for her children’s school enrollment. “Lyra started sending the same message to everyone saying that he couldn’t double his bankroll because the market didn’t help and he had a lot of zika, impossible to predict, he regretted and wished that God would give us double. Meanwhile, he posts that he keeps earning, riding a Porsche, singing, traveling, and rolling with other people,” he said.

The group reported that one of the injured transferred R$ 2,000, which would be for surgery on the mother’s heart, and had no return.

With 109,000 followers on Instagram, Lyra’s page is full of travel photos and videos in which he flaunts luxury items such as watches, bags and cars valued at more than R$1 million. Through social networks, the businessman even claimed that his company was advertised on one of the big screens in Times Square, the main avenue in New York.

“Only in a group that we set up, we had about 30 people. His own lawyer informed us that there were over 200 people in the same situation. The damage could be even greater than we imagine. We know that this is a risky investment, but our question is: where is the proof that he lost our money? Daily, he posts saying he wins. When operating our money does it lose? This is embezzlement”, questioned another victim.

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The other side

The column contacted the defense and the trader himself via cell phone. Rodrigo Lyra denied any irregular practice and says that the investments are high risk.

“I am aware of the complaints and occurrences. I decided to do this to leverage profile engagement and help people. I didn’t charge anything and I also didn’t imagine it would be in such demand. There were about 200 people, totaling an investment of approximately R$ 250 thousand. I also decided to double the bankroll for free because I constantly get requests for help to help pay for school from people in difficult situations. It was a way of helping”, he defended himself.

He also claims to be a victim of those who do not “accept their success”. “It turns out that after I announced the action, I traveled to Paris and my Instagram account went down. Competitors didn’t accept that I did the operations for free and got together to end my profile. Therefore, I was incommunicado, leaving some people in doubt whether it was a coup or not. Some are taking the opportunity to tarnish my name,” he said.

He also admitted to having failed in the operations, but denied having carried out a coup. “Before my Instagram went down, I managed to double the bankroll for a lot of people. However, it is impossible to be 100% successful. Thus, 20% of the cases failed. I warned everyone and presented the necessary proof of operations. People who lost their money knew the risks. In this business, there is no guarantee, not least because I didn’t force anyone to give me money. As the service was free, there is no way to guarantee a refund. What I communicated to them is that, in cases where I have not yet operated, just request that I return the money. Now, in operations that didn’t work out, there’s no way.”

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