Traffic, Collision | The E6 was closed after another accident: – Partial chaos and many cars involved

Just before 07:00 on Friday morning, Innlandet police district reported on Twitter that three cars were involved in a collision on Mjøsbrua. As a result of the collision, the E6 was blocked in both directions.

The police describe major material damage, but only reports of minor pain in the people involved.

– What I can say is that there is partial chaos and many cars involved. A lorry is said to have lost a wheel, and it was probably not the cause of the accident, but probably a contributing factor. There are at least three cars involved in the collision, Rune Vegard Huuse at the police operations center tells OA at 08:00.

A few days ago, Mjøsbrua was also closed after an accident. Then a truck train lost ice from the roof, which hit an oncoming passenger car in the front.

At 08.44, the police announced on Twitter that all vehicles had been collected by tow trucks, and that the road had been opened to other traffic.

– A case is being opened, the police write.

Truck with trouble

The problems began early on Friday morning, when a lorry had problems at Mjøsbrua. The lorry needed recovery, and as a result the lane towards Moelv was closed.

A short time later, the police reported several minor clashes on the bridge. And eventually a bigger one.

– The speed is too high, adjust your speed according to the conditions, tweeted the police, who then also traveled to the scene

A short time later, they were able to report the collision with the three cars. At the same time, the police reported a large number of traffic reports across the county.

Long lines

There were long queues on and around Mjøsbrua as a result of the collision, which occurred during the all-important morning rush hour period between 07:00 and 08:00.

According to a witness OA has spoken to, the lorry was parked closer to the Biri side of the bridge, while the three cars are further towards Moelv.

At 08:00, one lane was open on the bridge, and traffic was diverted past.

– We are trying to get rescuers out there to clear the road, says Huuse at the police to OA at 8am.

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