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By the end of the year 90 new charging stations are to be set up, in 11 years it should be 5000. The competition among car-sharing companies is getting tougher.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the board of BMW, is currently explaining between two charging stations why electric cars are the future, as one of the two pillars holds a car. A man in sunglasses gets out, wants to charge his battery. Vain. The app displays an error message. He says, “It happens all the time.”

There is probably no better place in the city this afternoon for complaining than the two charging stations near Karolinenplatz. Because not only Peter Schwarzenbauer from BMW stands there, but also Stephanie Jacobs, the urban consultant for the environment. The politician and the entrepreneur have just announced that the city of Munich will set up ninety new charging stations by the end of next year – and Share Now, in turn, wants to double its electric fleet.

Economy in Munich Stadtwerke significantly increase electricity prices for electric vehicles

Stadtwerke significantly increases electricity prices for electric vehicles

From April, the public utilities will be switching their billing system at the charging stations. An expert criticizes the pricing policy: A diesel vehicle is thus cheaper.By Andreas Schubert

Share Now is the result of the merger of Drive Now from BMW and Car2go from Daimler. Both services offered sharing cars. But since last fall, the competitors have a common cause, which shows how competitive the market is. The man with the sunglasses so gets back in his car, he has no time to talk about the weaknesses of the system.

For Stephanie Jacobs this is probably a stroke of good fortune, because she can talk about the plans for the months ahead so undisturbed: there are 460 charging stations in Munich, with 920 so-called charging points. By the end of the year, there will be 550 charging stations with 1100 charging points. The still far away, but set target would be 5000 charging stations with 10 000 charging points. A city needs a dense network, says Jacobs, so that as many people as possible use electromobility. The 5000 is a version for the year 2030.

The new electric cars from Share Now are all from BMW and should not be added in addition to the others, but replace cars with internal combustion engines. The company had started with 85 cars in the city, now there are 130 and by the end of the year to drive 200 cars with electric drive. That does not sound like much for a city like Munich, and in fact the cars make up only about 16 percent of the entire fleet.

Who is stuck in a traffic jam does not pay anymore

One wants to increase the share just gradually, says Schwarzenbauer of BMW, and gradually expand the area in which you can share the cars. So far Share Now focuses on the urban area within the Mittlerer Ring. Paid per minute, with the electric cars cost about 36 cents about the same as the cars with internal combustion engine – only the smaller mini models cost about three cents less.

There are so many car sharing providers in Munich today that at first glance it is almost impossible to tell what they are different from. Not only Share Now from BMW and Daimler, but also Flinkster from Deutsche Bahn, the relatively new Oply or Stattauto, which was founded in the early nineties. The fact that the economy promises much of the market in the future can be seen from the fact that still new companies put their vehicles in the big cities.

For example, in August Miles started in Munich. A start-up from Berlin, which was once called Drive By, and where you do not pay per minute, but per kilometer. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, you will not pay any more, besides you can borrow not only cars, but also vans. The company starts with 250 vehicles in the city. None of them with electric motor.

Share Now has five times as many cars in the streets. But both companies have in common that you do not have to bring the cars to a certain station or a specific area, but can turn off where you want.

Traffic in Munich How the car sharing market is changing

New offers in Munich

How the car sharing market is changing

The providers attract with cheap offers – and let the boundaries between classic rents and parts increasingly disappear.By Andreas Schubert

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