tragedy in Milan, the bodies found by his brother

A 56-year-old man allegedly killed his mother and then took his own life in via delle Ande in Milan. On the spot the carabinieri, called by his brother.

He would kill his mother first, by plugging her nose and mouth with duct tape. Then he took his own life by hanging himself. He tragedy this afternoon in Milan, in via delle Ande. The bodies of Marco De Marchi and Miranda Pomini they were found this afternoon by the brother of the alleged murderer who, having entered the house, made the macabre discovery. On the spot, the carabinieri of the investigative unit and the 118 rescuers, who could not help but ascertain the death of mother and child. The military is investigating the case and is trying to reconstruct what happened. The most probable hypothesis is that of murder – suicide.

Find dead mother and brother at home: murder – suicide hypothesis

At the moment it is not yet clear the motive: according to the first information that emerged on the affair, there were no problems between mother and child, nor did the woman suffer from any health problems. Miranda Pomini, despite the age of 90, was completely self-sufficient and lived alone on the third floor of the building in via delle Ande, where the tragedy took place. The son Marco instead lived on the fourth floor, together with his brother. The two often visited her mother, helping her with her daily errands, such as cleaning the house and shopping. It seems that Marco suffered from depression, and that his condition had worsened with the death of his father in 2018 and the arrival of the pandemic. For some time the man, a management engineer, had not worked and spent his days at home. Investigations are underway to verify if the 56-year-old had already had violent behavior in the past, and to understand what could have triggered him, prompting him to kill his mother.

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