Tragedy in the disco, the investigations: "Sold more seats tickets, dead due to the collapse of the balustrades" –



Panico in discotheque in Corinaldo for stinging spray: 6 dead in the crowd at the concert of rapper Sfera Ebbasta

There were too many people inside the Lanterna Azzurra disco in Corinaldo, in the province of Ancona, where panic broke out in the night between Friday and Saturday and where six people died in the crowd. These are the results of the first investigations by the Carabinieri: "We have verified that more tickets have been sold by the disco than how many people the club could contain". The maximum capacity of the room, in fact, would be 871 people, but present and investigators talk about a much larger crowd rushed for the concert of the trapper Sfera Ebbasta. For this reason, both the matrixes of the detached tickets (as it seems, 1,400) and, of course, the entire room have been seized. The Ancona prosecutor's office has opened an investigation: the head prosecutor Monica Garulli and the juvenile judge, Giovanna Lebboroni, coordinated the attorney general Sergio Sottani. We proceed for multiple negligent homicide. The owners of the Blue Lantern have already been heard. While the video of a girl, who has taken over the phone with the moments of the tragedy, has been acquired by the investigators, along with other dozens of movies.

In addition to the front of the possible overcrowding, however, it also investigates the triggering cause of the escape from the disco: at the origin of the panic, it would seem to have been the use by someone of a stinging spray. Spraying the spray, according to initial investigations, may have been a girl, almost certainly a minor, who has not yet been formally identified. With regard to this person, the alleged offense could be death as a consequence of another crime or manslaughter. At the moment, however, they are not yet registered in the register of suspects.

To give a first reconstruction of the dynamics of the facts was the questore of Ancona, Oreste Capocasa (here photos of rescue): "The emergency exit has opened, but just two iron side parapets have disappeared and the people have fallen one on top," he explained. The parapets, placed to protect the catwalk that leads from the door outside, would have yielded under the weight of the mass of people who were leaving the premises. It would therefore be denied for now the initial reconstruction of a wounded young man, who had talked about emergency exits blocked: "The bouncers told us to come back …". The story of the young man, who is obviously in shock, will still be verified in more depth.

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Also the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, confirms the hypothesis of overcrowding: "It is very probably true that inside the room there was a lot more people than expected and allowed – he said – it seems to me that the capacity was less than 900 people, even one more unit It was a mistake that made everything complicated.There are investigations in progress.It seems to me to be able to deny the hypothesis that the door of the emergency exit was closed.They have probably sold two parapets, due to the impact force of the mob of boys There was a substance in the area that bothered, we talk about the smell of ammonia and we talk about the urticant spray. "

"The stinging spray is one of the hypotheses, but we are following them all", he clarified to this purpose Cristian Carriage of the Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Ancona. And on the number of people at the disco he explained: "We are ascertaining this point with the cooperation of the fire brigade, the number was actually high".

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Paradoxically, those who remained inside the room, did not suffer serious damage, as confirmed by the firefighters, who intervened for first aid and to secure the area. "Inside – explained one of them – the situation was very agitated, but those who stayed behind were taken out in an orderly manner". The most serious situation, however, was outside the club, where most of the spectators went to try to quickly escape from the club: "When the colleagues from Senigallia arrived, the nearest office, they were confronted. to people on the ground, some wounds and other deaths ", says the fireman again.

The observance of the safety regulations in the discotheque, as reported by the Chief of Police Capocasa, is "under investigation by firefighters, carabinieri and police". The commissioner repeated: of course "after the use of pepper spray, the young people rushed to the emergency exits and immediately after having crossed one, on the right, the two iron railings did not hold up because they were rusted." Capocasa then said: "People are still feeling, the guys who were inside the disco are very experienced and being able to understand well what happened in these moments is not so simple".

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Background: pepper spray for theft

The memory immediately went to the incidents of Piazza San Carlo, but it is not the first time that a spicy pepper spray has been sprayed at a concert by Sfera Ebbasta. A precedent occurred in the Marche, in Senigallia, in the local Mamamia, to the point that investigators are evaluating any links between the two episodes. Another case occurred in Turin, in September. The hypothesis is that the spray is used as a diversion for small thefts. The 'pepper spray band' had also hit on occasion of the Ghali concert, Italian-Tunisian rapper, still in Turin: on that occasion the concert had been completely suspended.

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