Tragic accident in Ittre this Friday: Thoma (18) dies, his friend Brandon is in intensive care

It is a dramatic accident which occurred this Friday morning in Virginal, in the entity of Ittre. The Walloon Brabant emergency services were called to intervene, Friday shortly before 8 a.m., in the rue d’Hennuyères (RN280). For some reason, a van and a motorbike collided at a crossroads. In order to determine the circumstances of the accident, a motor vehicle legal expert and a forensic doctor were dispatched to the scene at the request of the Walloon Brabant public prosecutor’s office.

The accident unfortunately claimed the life of 18-year-old Thoma, who was on the motorcycle. His friend Brandon was seriously injured and taken to intensive care at Jolimont hospital. Very shocked, the driver of the van however escaped unscathed.

Thoma was a student in 5th accounting technique at IPES in Tubize. The director of the establishment expressed his support on Facebook for the relatives of the victim. “All our thoughts are with family, loved ones, friends, teachers. “A support and listening cell was set up on Friday and has already taken care of close students and teachers. PMS agents will also be available next week.

Thoma’s mother, Fabienne Mollaert who is alderman in Ittre, paid him a moving tribute on social networks this Saturday. “This morning, all I have left of you is your smell and this great void that will never be filled. All the people who passed you remember it, your smile, your kindness, your you who made you exceptional. “

The editorial staff of La Derrnière Heure / Les Sports sends its most sincere condolences to the parents and relatives of the victim.

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