Train crash between Úvaly and Český Brod: over 30 injured

According to the information the driver of the passenger train did not respect the red light on the signal. According to spokeswoman Petra Effenberger, rescuers treated four seriously injured, 31 passengers were lightly injured. However, according to firefighters, only two people were seriously injured.

According to the Railway Inspectorate, the accident happened at 9:35 pm in Český Brod. A passenger train traveling from Prague-Masaryk railway station to Řečany nad Labem collided with a standing freight train. The Railway Inspectorate estimated the damage to the trains at 45 million crowns.

Images from the crash site:

According to Czech Railways spokesman Radek Joklík, a passenger train traveling from Prague collided with a freight train, which stood in front of the entrance signal in Český Brod. Joklík added that the passenger train City Elefant České dráhy ran to the end of the freight express of the carrier ČD Cargo.

The passenger train derailed after the collision. A special accident train arrived at the scene and, according to night information, a rescue tank of railway firefighters was to arrive at the accident before five o’clock in the morning. Traffic on the line should be at least partially resumed around noon, according to information on the Czech Railways website.

Video from the area around the accident:

On the same line between Prague and Kolín on Friday evening near Běchovice, a train without passengers crashed into a waiting express train, no one was injured. The railway inspectorate leans towards human error in determining the cause of the accident.

According to the previous investigation, the driver’s mistake was also behind the collision of two passenger trains on the single-track line near Pernink in the Karlovy Vary region, in which two people died last week and another 24 were injured.

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A passenger train with an express train collided in Prague.  Several wagons derailed, no one was injured

Passenger trains collided head-on in Karlovy Vary, two people died


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