Trainee loses toes, company gets a fine


A company from Tilburg is responsible for an accident in which a 15-year-old intern was seriously injured. He shattered his metatarsal feet and had to amputate two toes. The company is fined 20,000 euros.

The trainee was seriously injured in March 2016, after being instructed to work with an electric pallet truck in the warehouse. He got his foot caught between the truck and the wall and spent more than ten days in the hospital.

“My two little toes are coming off, three other toes are broken. Two tendons are torn and three metatarsal feet are crushed. I have had surgery twice. If my wound is healed better, I have to have surgery again,” the boy said in a statement to the police.

Not authorized

According to the court in Den Bosch, the company was not allowed to let the boy do this work: he was not authorized and had no certificate. In addition, the company should have been watching him better. The company has adapted the safety policy and the policy to work with young people, Omroep Brabant writes.


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