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MASSACHUSETTS.- A transgender woman managed to get pregnant when she discovered that she had female organs, due to her suffering from Müllerian duct syndrome.

Mikey Chanel, who is originally from Massachusetts, United States, was born with a genetic condition characterized by the persistence of the uterus and / or fallopian tubes in people with male genitalia.

The young woman always wanted to become a mother, and upon discovering that she had female organs, she underwent ‘in vitro’ fertilization with donor sperm.

I thought it was a joke. I did not even know this was possible, but I always wanted to have children and I told myself that now the moment or never, is external.

The transgender woman, who is four months pregnant, decided to share her story on her social networks, which surprised the whole world.

According to what he has shared, he lived his childhood as a man, but as he grew up, he noticed that there was something different about her.

When he was just 13 years old, he declared himself homosexual, but that did not end his doubts about his gender identity, which was added to the ridicule of his classmates.

In 2019, she had discomfort when urinating and having sex, and when she went to the doctor, they discovered that she had a cervix, ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes due to Müllerian duct syndrome.

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