Transfer statement from his manager for Umut Bozok

The name of Süper Lig Top Scorer Umut Bozok does not fall off the transfer board for a moment. While different allegations about Umut, one of the favorite names of the transfer period, continued to come to the agenda, Olivier Davo, the manager of the striker football player, made important statements about the process.


In the news in Sporx, Olivier Davo, who made statements about the allegations that Umut Bozok will transfer to Trabzonspor, said, “It is true that Umut made a phone call with Abdullah Avcı. It is normal for the champion coach of the Turkish league to talk to the top scorer of the Turkish league and on our behalf. It is also proud. However, there are some facts… No official from Trabzonspor met with us for the transfer of Umut Bozok. If you do not make an official meeting with a club, you cannot think of yourself in that club,” he said.


Continuing his statements, Davo said, “Trabzonspor is not a club we consider for Umut’s career, because they have not had any official contact with us. We have official contacts with other clubs and our contacts continue with these clubs, they are not reported. Different news are published in the newspapers every day and These news are made through Umut’s own mouth, all of these news are untrue.

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