Transparency: Helsana publishes its entire salary scale and strikes out bonuses


Helsana publishes its entire salary scale and strikes out bonuses

The second largest health insurance fund in Switzerland introduces transparency into its salary scale. Only ten employees were against.

PublishedMay 13, 2023, 10:26 am

The insurer wants to be transparent with its employees.

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Since April, health insurer Helsana has been focusing on wage transparency with its 3,300 employees. This is a wish of these, explains the HR manager of the company, Beat Hunziker. “They wanted to be clear where they stood in terms of salary. Now we can offer this possibility of comparison,” he says. For each of the 400 functions listed, there is now a salary range on the Intranet with a margin of 30% between the minimum and maximum salary.

In addition, Helsana has almost completely abolished flexible remuneration, such as bonuses. For the human resources specialist, “we only have a bonus in the event of extremely favorable business developments, distributed according to performance, but it is a marginal amount”.

“The feedback is very positive and only about ten employees were reluctant,” comments the HR manager. Because the process has led to new contracts. Only a handful of employees have had their salaries reduced. “They took it well because they were already making a good living. On the other hand, we were able to move some employees towards higher salaries. In addition, salary discussions are now much more objective. Some employees, however, did not want to sign the new contract and therefore left the insurer.

Other companies are likely to follow with pay transparency, as salary specialist Corinne Ast of auditor EY points out, as quoted by the “Handelszeitung”. However, studies show that pay transparency can also have negative repercussions. Whoever discovers that colleagues earn more is often irritated and becomes less productive. “This can cause jealousy among employees,” comments salary expert Jean-Marc Jung.

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