Travelers, haro on cliche

Tamèrantong Company! gives his latest representations of Gypsy by Lord Stanley. A burlesque parable about prejudices, led by young actors from Seine-Saint-Denis.

Gypsy Lord Stanley. Insurgent tale of the road and of the journey

Home of amateur artistic practices (MPAA) of Saint-Germain, Paris 6is.

It is a French village as there are thousands. But here more than elsewhere, fear has colonized minds. That of the other. A sign warns visitors: "Forbidden for nomads and migrants". Cap on the head, belly shaped in a tank top and baguette in hand, this is how the perfect citizen should look. Otherwise it could have something to do with a policeman on the stick … So, when a Gypsy family arrives with its caddy cluttered with costume jewelry, the villagers are struck by lightning. Stop invading!

Here Gypsy by Lord Stanley, a popular and political tale created in 2013 by the company Tamèrantong! After a five-year tour in France and Slovakia, the show ends its journey to Paris, in the theater where he was born (1).

Since then the young actors have grown well. The silhouettes have lengthened, the game has grown. Their message is still relevant. "The gypsies in our room are all excluded from our worldsays actress Christine Pellicane, who founded the company in 1992. Roma migrants, travelers, boat people, the undocumented, the poor, the inhabitants of the people's neighborhoods here or elsewhere. "

Popular neighborhoods, where the 24 actors of the troupe grew up, from Seine-Saint-Denis. Aged from 6 to 16 years, they come mainly from immigration.

If the subject is serious, the tone is joking and the scene is removed. We sing and dance, fight or fall into our arms. A giant turkey will also pass … Above all, let's laugh at the stereotypes that divide society. On the one hand, "Galli" who see travelers as thieves, beggars or mafia. On the other hand, gypsies who think that "gadjés" are witches or reactionaries clinging to their identity, like this irascible granny with a full set: bathrobe, slippers and curlers on the skull.

The British are not excluded. Then Lord Stanley, a gentleman dressed in high socks, a tweed jacket and an accent for the pale Jane Birkin. Owner of the estate on which the Gypsy family has settled, the aristocrat willingly offers its hospitality and even offers the beautiful Anatillia to get married. Which in turn will have to fight against the prejudices of his family against non-gypsies. When Romeo meets Juliet, at the XXIis century …

Jeanne Ferney

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