Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will pass the Season Pass and the physical edition


A well-known chain of online stores reveals that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be sold in physical format, and also that it will have Season Pass.

previously, Goichi Suda, the creator of the series of No More Heroes, commented on the possibility that Travis strikes again: No More Heroes he had DLC after his departure. It was March of next year, and at the beginning of September he mentioned it again. Well, this Thursday has been virtually confirmed that the game will not only achieve it, but also a physical edition. Now, it should be noted that the aforementioned derives from a loss in a store.

In particular, of GameStop. In his Internet catalog now this title appears, where it is said that its price will be $ 39.99. Here it should be noted that it is not the only operation that is handling this game in that presentation. Above all because before this discovery, this development of Manufacture of grasshoppers can be purchased in Amazon and its Mexican branch.

In this last one it has a price of $ 1,499 pesos, even if they need to update some of its details. Now, through the description of Travis strikes again: No More Heroes It is said that when we acquire the physical version, we will have access to Season Pass or Season Pass of this title. This will allow "Access future downloadable content". What could this additional content be? The card of the game is rather short.

I doubt it a lot Suda 51 decide to increase the number of garments and "games" within this title. But you can not completely exclude it. You imagine that in a few hours, and maybe even days, we know what this creative person and his team have in hand. There is something that is derived from this information, and that is apparently Nintendo will be responsible for publishing this title.

It is thought that Travis strikes again: No More Heroes premieres on January 18th. What Nintendo Being involved is good news, even with the backlighting. This means that it will not be very difficult to achieve, even if the price managed in Mexico could be quite high compared to other regions. Fortunately, the region's block is absent. Thanks to Nintendo Everyhting for details.



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