Treachery, betrayal and a murder party.. the lover’s friends compliment him with silencing the breath of the bride

12:45 PM

Wednesday 08 September 2021

Dakahlia – Ramy Mahmoud:

This 41-year-old man, who lives in Mansoura, did not know that his end would be in this ugly way. Every time he quarrels with his wife, he believed that they were disagreements and would pass unnoticed, but his life partner took advantage of this after the devil arranged for her to get rid of him.

The lady thought to end her husband’s life after her association with another person and her desire to marry him, but how would she do this alone? .. At this moment, her demon directed her to communicate with her lover’s friends who know her well, so they came to compliment her partner in the forbidden relationship after she placed the husband and her child drugged in juice and hid his breath With a pillow.

The second Mansoura Prosecution, headed by Counselor Ahmed Al Maryah, Chief Prosecutor, and under the supervision of Counselor Alaa Al-Saadani, the first general attorney for the South Mansoura College Prosecution, had ordered the detention of the wife and two young friends of her lover for 4 days pending investigations, after they were accused of killing the husband.

A.F., a 29-year-old housewife, admitted in the prosecution’s investigations that she had administered the drug to her husband, S.M., 41, a mechanic, and his daughter in the fifth grade of primary school, until she confirmed that they were unconscious, and called her lover’s friends: “L. A, 21 years old, and A. A, 21 years old, and asked them to attend, saying to them: “Let’s get saved.”

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The wife confirmed in her confessions that she was in constant conflict with her husband, and at the same time she had a relationship with another person and wanted to marry him, and therefore decided to get rid of him.

The other two defendants explained that they helped the wife get rid of her husband in order to marry their friend.

The Public Prosecution decided to imprison the three accused, and to authorize the burial of the body after the completion of the forensic report on the anatomical character of the victim, the causes of death, the seizure of the killing tools, and the photographic examination of the incident.

The events began with a report from the people of “Street 10” in the city of Mansoura, that the people found the body of “Saleh. M,” 41, a mechanic, and accused his second wife, “A. F.”, 29, of helping two others to kill him after threatening her with divorce because he suspected her behavior.

By notifying the Public Prosecution Office, it ordered the transfer of the body to the mortuary of Mansoura International Hospital, assigning a forensic doctor to indicate the cause of death, and the speedy arrest of the perpetrators and investigations of the investigations about the incident and its circumstances.


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