Treasury inspectors defend their role as "servers" of the taxpayer: "We want to provide a better public service"

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The Treasury Inspectors have been in open war with the Government and Ministry of Finance and Public Service for many months. They consider that the new entrance and internal promotion tests that the department of María Jesús Montero wants to apply “reduce the requirement to introduce people who are not prepared”, and that this will be to the detriment of the citizen. Because they, as the president of the association, Ana de la Herrán, stated this Thursday, are “servers“from the taxpayer, and what they want is”provide better public service“.

The Inspectors hold their annual congress this Thursday and Friday in Burgos, and the event will be very marked by this confrontation with the Government. Already in his opening speech, De la Herrán has warned that he sees “jeopardize“the human resources of the Superior Body. And then, only before the media, he has had a stronger impact on that fear.

“We see resources in danger because the objective is to change based on a false modernization. Modernizing is neither lowering the level nor using subjective criteria that can endanger the independence of the official in their decision-making,” he said.

“We want to work well. Our device must work well to maintain the Welfare State“, continued De la Herrán, who did not hesitate to affirm that the Executive is going to “dynamite” the foundations on which the Tax Administration is built.

Within this war with the Government, the Inspectors have come to demonstrate for the first time in history. They have also gone to court denouncing that the inclusion of interims in this Superior Body ““It violates constitutional principles and is one more attempt at colonization by the Administration.”.

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